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SWOT Analysis

Communication with Staff Parent and Community involvement (lack of) Affordable technology Sweeping impact of technology
Uppermost levels of administration are very involved and hands-on Transparency with staff at the district & campus levels More community activities/partnerships Better pay and ratings in surrounding districts
Communicating with Parents and Community Lack of Communication as a whole Create an after school program & opportunities Fast growing community
Plenty of resources for teachers to use Teacher and administrator retention Creating & utilizing an advisory committee Student achievement scores
Presenting district initiatives Staff bonuses (retention, performance) Utilize local resources to full potential Response plans for the needs of diverse families in the district
Public relations Staff unable to download software as needed Utilize PTO to help with volunteer opportunities on each campus Missing opportunities due to size of district
Social media communication has improved Not having all the services students need Alumni Association Political agendas
The district values its students Recognition of both students and employees Establishing a Community Outreach program, back pack program, etc Outdated facilities
Superintendent is personable and visible Gaps in higher level learning opportunities Parental involvement opportunities At-Risk population is growing
District is generous in the days available for time off Ability to teach classes with multiple skill levels Partnerships with local learning institutions Migratory students and families
Culture and climate Teacher to Parent communication Create a LWISD Police Department Instructional delivery model
Continued focus on what is best for students rather than what is politically correct Each elementary campus doing different things (activities, curriculum, etc...) HS Students complete volunteer hours and support the community and elem. schools New housing/apartments that are being planned over the next 3-5 years
Small town atmosphere; feel Accountability & follow through Finding More Resources for Student’s Success English Learner population is growing
Staff at administration is present at events Aligning how we do what we do Create a Scope and Sequence Discipline issues with students
Professional support Monitoring of campus improvement plans Advancements for teachers Over crowded classes - secondary
Embracing diversity Slow to embrace change Open House at campuses Lack of Curriculum understanding
Professional development opportunities Challenging student behaviors & lack of discipline Student mentoring programs focused on careers using professionals in fields of interest Lack of space at the middle school
Strong sense of community; close knit Planning for growth Saturday School Aggressive students
LWISD staff are accepting, positive and friendly Some departments can be adversarial and forget we are all on the same team Utilizing outside vendors that will provide free incentives for students Competition from charter schools and surrounding districts
School board is active, supportive, care deeply about students & staff; act quickly & decisively Teacher and administrator capacity (skills and knowledge) Ask LWISD & neighboring district grads in college to be LWISD teachers Enrollment numbers may be outpacing some structures/classrooms
Providing updated technology to staff and students Testing deadlines overlap Partnerships to support student clubs Low academic performance
Commitment to improving all aspects of the district Enforcing procedures/expectations for students and staff Offer more robust wages and benefits packages to attract and retain top talent. Declining enrollment
Great location makes for close proximity for travel and partnering opportunities More strategies for motivating underprivileged students Adopt a school program with business support schools Lack of community involvement at elementary
The districts works to provide the best resources, and programs for our students Identity issue - gaps exist for serving Hispanic and African American students and families Work with the local food bank to feed students over the weekend Change in demographics
Getting the curriculum lined out and solid across the district Leaders not holding their team and teachers accountable Utilize ESC Region11 PD and support services more Attracting and retaining teachers (salaries & benefits)
Size of classes, campuses Type of CTE offerings Big brothers/Big sisters, mentors Community resources for our families
Care and passion for students; whole child Instructional Practices Central hub for clear communication of needs Safety and security at campuses
Safety is First More Outside activities for students Parent language classes - ESL classes Communication
Student-focused; Students first Program planning and fidelity Field Trips Financial Assistance/ Funding
Utilizes and analyzes instructional data District-created Scope & Sequence needed Continue Communities in Schools partnership High number of out of district enrollment
Classlink After school programs All Star Dads Lack of teachers
Community within the teams Dated Facilities; look utilitarian; not maintained Market the Child Nutrition Department better Late notice of teacher, social, or TEA changes
Diverse Perspectives Lack of staff Utilize Professional Development time well Expansion
District size supports change and act more efficient Support for post-partum mothers Increase staff morale to retain our great teachers Home/family challenges
Branded elementary schools More focused professional development Grant funding / Fundraising efforts Lack of respect from students and parents
Many campus support staff positions (MTSS, MRT, EL leads, instructional specialists, SPED) Focus-Lots of initiatives and projects are constantly added Create a parent orientation evening for elementary students Access to the outside area of the buildings
Supporting staff/students in times of need Student extracurricular opportunities at elementary Foundation for both bullied and bullying students Shipping delays of needed school items
Consistent evaluations and planning Technology infrastructure Efforts to address student learning loss from 20-21 Bullying and cyber-bullying
Mental health counselors and instructional coaches Too much on people's plate impacting effectiveness Leverage open enrollment with advertising & incentives to attract high caliber students to LWISD Doing things the same way instead of adjusting with the demographic changes
The district shows that it values its employees Programs to match the job market Motivation to unite as a community Mental health and SEL of students and staff
Directors with tenacity to overcome adversity & advocate for positive improvements Money spent on things not needed - need to consolidate Create a student 'drop-box' to put a card into that explains their fears due to COVID, etc. Maintaining updated, attractive facilities (a place people want to send their child)
Quality of teachers and staff Family health plan is expensive; Insurance cost Blue Zone district and being healthy Need for long range planning
Advertising Events Class sizes are too large Spotlight our students & their successes Students not being identified in multiple ways
Value Gender Roles More youth programs and clubs Implement an employee and student recognition program Politics, inflation, media hype
Competitive pay; Teacher incentives Mentoring new administrators Create job study opportunities for HS students Failure of following of AIPs
Provides instructional strategies for teachers Implementing professional development correctly District "Clothes Closet" for families of the district to visit Willingness of parents and community members to participate
Pride of our athletes and scholars SpEd Department Peer partners Teacher buy-in to mandates from the top
Providing Free Meals to All Students Serving < 50% of Students for Breakfast (39%) Create a Parent Welcome Center COVID 19 threats with staff and students
Technology Department User-friendly TEKS Resource page and lesson pacing guide; scope and sequence Serving > 50% of Students breakfast & >85% lunch Drifting away from the fundamental aspects of education will eventually eliminate the very reason we exist as an educational institution
Administrators listen to teachers and collaborate to problem solve areas to help students grow Not allowing teachers to collaborate with specific grade level teams/subject areas during professional development Maintain high standards for academics and behavior in all schools. Hopelessness in students/students need to know they have value to Texas and the world
An unwavering dedication to excellence Teacher / student data is not in a centralized location; multiple programs Promote volunteerism with LW Senior Citizens Challenging home environments
Positive/Friendly Front Office staff New teacher PD - limited curriculum/assessment Stress relief outings for teachers Competitive salaries
Strong relationship with the City of Lake Worth Leadership & staff training on school security Parenting classes Student learning gaps due to COVID-19
Technology -one to one student ratio Lack of instructional specialist that assist teachers with at risk students Establish a trades-oriented campus offering hands on training and certifications Section 8 housing growth
Expanded enrollment by being a good, positive district Following other districts vs boldly forging our own path Individualized Professional Development Plans
High expectations for both staff and student performance Hesitancy to remove the “cancer in the locker room” employees that offer no real value; drive down moral and drive good staff away Reading Recovery training for Master Reading Teachers
Lack of Diversity Amongst the Teaching Staff