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Strategic Priorities and Goals

Academic Excellence and Instructional Relevance
●   Develop personalized learning plans for 100% of LWISD students
●   Increase accountability ratings as all campuses to a B or higher
●   Provide viable curriculum for 100% of courses with aligned resources


Life-Ready Students
●   Graduate 100% of seniors with the life-ready skills necessary to be prepared after graduation
●   Increase our college, career, and military readiness accountability ratings by 12% annually


Community Cultures and Partnerships
●Grow cultural community awareness by 10% annually
●Increase corporate partnerships at the district level by 10% annually
●Increase community outreach to create opportunities by 50% of students and staff to giveback annually

Engaged and Committed Personnel
●   Increase employee diversity by 5% annually to reflect the student population
●   Grow staff development satisfaction rating to 90% or higher through quality, targeted training
●   Obtain an annual increase of 10% in employee retention rates


Innovative Learning Environments
●   Upgrade ≥50% of campus common spaces to support collaborative learning and exploration
●   Adapt ≥75% classrooms to support innovative learning
●   Enhance facilities to support ≥3 CTE or choice programs

Responsible Stewardship
●   Ensure 90% of district resources are accounted for annually
●   Increase alternative funding by 10% over the next 3-5 years