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LWISD Research Request

LWISD Research Request

Requests to conduct research in LWISD are granted following an applicant’s approval from their perspective university and after an applicant has submitted for review to the Institutional Review Board (IRB).  Research requests will be reviewed by Jeff Seeton, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

Each applicant will submit an application that addresses the following:

  • Date
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • University/Program
  • Title of Project
  • Anticipated start and end date
  • Purpose of the research
  • How the research will align with the district goals/objectives
  • Type of research (qualitative, quantitative, etc.)
  • Research design (interviews, phone calls, etc.)
  • Participants (particular schools, principals, students, parents, etc.)
  • Time commitment needed from the participants (per day, week, month, etc.)
  • Confidentiality


Note:  LWISD may suggest that particular revisions be made to the request prior to approval.  Each applicant will receive a response within 10 business days of the request.  If students are involved in the research, parent permission must be received prior to the research taking place.  For additional questions, please contact Jeff Seeton at