A student will earn course credit with a passing score of at least 80 on the exam. Depending on the student's grade level and the course for which the student seeks to earn credit by exam, an end-of-course (EOC) assessment may be required for graduation.
A student in elementary school will be eligible to accelerate to the next grade level if the student scores at least 80 on each exam in the subject areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.
If a student plans to take an exam, the student (or parent/guardian) must register with the principal no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled testing date. The district will not honor a request by a student or parent/guardian to administer a test on a date other than the published dates. If the district agrees to administer a test other than the one chosen by the district, the student's parent/guardian will be responsible for the cost of the exam.
[For further information, see policy EHDC(LOCAL) on the Lake Worth ISD website under Our District - School Board - Board Policy Online.]