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Access Your Child's STAAR Results

Parents Can Access STAAR Scores TODAY!


 Starting today, parents can access their child’s STAAR results and other resources to support summer learning at home by visiting

Additionally, teachers with a STAAR Assessment Management System account and an associated TX-UNIQUE-STAFF-ID in the Assessment Management System will now have access in the STAAR educator portal. This access provides teachers with rosters that contain results for students linked to their teacher’s TX-UNIQUE-STAFF-ID during the registration window.

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You can help parents access these resources by:

  • Providing parents with the “Log In & Learn More” flyer. Please use the method your district typically uses to share information with parents (direct mail, email, send home with students, etc). The flyer explains the steps parents must take to access their child’s STAAR results at
  • Sharing Unique Access Codes with parents. To log in to, parents will need a Unique Access Code. These unique IDs should not be sent home in backpacks. Please use a secure method for distributing them.

Should you need more assistance, we’ve attached an FAQ document providing additional information about this effort.