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We ABSOLUTELY love Tadpole. This is our daughters second year attending Tadpole. When taking our daughter there, you would think she’s a celebrity because of how excited they are to see her. They always make the children they have there feel welcomed and comfortable. Let’s face it as parents it’s hard to leave your kids with anyone especially when they latch on and cry because they don’t want you to leave. Tadpole does an amazing job at easing that feeling because they really go out of their way to make them feel at home. They set the bar so high I couldn’t even think about taking my child to any other day care.  We don’t even look at Tadpole as a daycare, we look at it as extended family. The staff is extremely professional, personable and polite.  They go above and beyond teaching and guiding our child in her development. We noticed growth in our youngest within weeks of being there. I highly recommend Tadpole and their staff to anyone looking for child care.

- S. Deems

My son attended Tadpoles last year. During the time schools shut down we were impressed that even the 3 year old class continued to take time to make things feel normal and let us know they care. They had weekly zoom meetings, so the kids could still see their friends and teachers. We received multiple uplifting cards that made his day. They even did a social distance drive by and brought some end of year gifts. He loves school and during this difficult time they continued to foster that love. They let him know he is “Worth It”.

- J. Ladd

During my short period so far with Lake Worth ISD there has been one department that has had a special place in my heart and that is Ms Ami and her staff at Tadpole Learning Center. My family and I have had nothing short of an amazing experience so far and are so lucky especially in these uncertain times to have this valuable resource at our finger tips. My son [...] is in the 3 year old / PPCD room. [...] is labeled autistic and before moving here had never been in a daycare setting. So you can imagine the apprehension my wife and I had with him starting in a new environment. From day one Ms Ami, Nancy, Hazel, Mary and several others in his room have been so amazing with him. They treat him like their own and have been such a positive influence on his growth and progress throughout the year. My wife and I go back and watch videos from this time last year and compare them with how he is now and you wouldn’t even believe it’s the same child. My other child [...] was born in October of 2019 and started with Tadpole the second semester of the 19-20 school year and while she has not had much time with her teachers we have still had an amazing experience. Ms. LaToya and the infant staff are so great with all those babies in their room and we are so excited to see the growth that [...] will make in her classroom this year.

Now, as many parents around our metro area have had to make the decision about sending their kids back to school or keep them at home, my family was no different. My wife and I spent countless hours discussing what to do with our kids with so many concerns about what was going on with the virus in our area. One day it just hit me and put our minds at ease. My wife and I just have to keep reminding ourselves, we are not sending our children to daycare, we are sending them to Tadpole Learning Center with Ms Ami and her amazing, caring staff. We feel confident and certain that our children are in the best hands in these uncertain times.  We know Ms. Ami is holding her and her staff accountable for keeping themselves and just as important the children of the employees at LWISD safe. Thank you for your time and thank you for this wonderful resource available to my family and the rest of our LWISD employees!

- B. Stedronsky

I wanted to take
a minute to commend the Tadpole team under the leadership of Ms. Ami. 
Y'all may not know me, but I teach at DAEP, and this is my third year at Lake
Worth ISD.  I am a single mom, and my son started at Tadpole Learning
Center this past January, at only 6 weeks old. 

It was not easy leaving him at the Tadpole Learning Center, being so tiny and fragile. 
However,  I must say, that I had the upmost peace when I left him that
first day.  After meeting Ms. Ami, and the infant teachers Ms. Christina
and Ms. Bianca while on maternity leave, I knew my son was going to be in good
hands when it was time for him to start in their care.   These ladies
truly have a heart for the babies in their classroom, and they are dedicated to
seeing our babies succeed. 

We are greeted with smiles every single morning, and these ladies are still smiling at the end
of the day, after having a day full of crying infants, messy eaters, non-stop
diaper changing, and bottle feedings, and so much more.  They are my

Over these past 10 months of Eli being in daycare, he continues to grow in Independence, 
conquering milestones, and he loves these ladies.  I do not like to leave
Eli in public daycare, but I don't even feel like this is a public
daycare.  Ms. Christina, Ms. Bianca, and Ms. Ami are truly family. 
They love my son as much as I do, and they celebrate his accomplishments as
much as I do.  

With this being said, I will say, the team at the Tadpole Learning Center is 90% of the reason
why I renewed my contact to stay at Lake Worth ISD.  After being moved
across town, and into a building with no bathroom, even with a 20% increase in
the cost to keep him in the Tadpole Learning Center this year, these are 
sacrifices I was willing to make, knowing that my son is receiving amazing care
with some of the most phenomenal ladies to be found in a child learning

These ladies deserve to be commended for going above and beyond for so many of our babies,
while keeping a professional, full-of- joy atmosphere for our children to
thrive in.  

-M. VanWinkle