• Welcome to First Grade!
    We are so pleased to be back for a new year. In first grade at the beginning of the year, we focus on getting our students ready for school and ready to work. Some expectations that we have for our first graders are: to learn to follow directions the first time, being able to sit and listen without distractions, becoming more independent and being more responsible inside and outside of the classroom.
    Some things you as parents can do to help is:
    •  check their take home folder every day for notes and behavior charts
    •  make sure they complete their homework each night- reading with them each day for at least 20 minutes will help them become better readers
    •  ask them to tell you one thing they did or learned that day
    Thank you so much and welcome back! 
     REMINDER: September 5th is a student holiday.
                              October 10th is a student holiday.