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    Contact Information

    Email Address: mstewart@lwisd.org
    Campus Phone: 817.306.4250
    Conference Time: 9:12 - 10:01 a.m.

    General Information:

  • Hi, I'm Mrs. Stewart and I love teaching Art! I have taught all ages from preschool through high school, but middle school may be my favorite age group to teach. I didn't have the opportunity to take art classes before high school but I always loved making crafts and learning to create new things.

    My goal as a teacher is to give my students what I needed as a child. I feel that I needed art most as a middle school student and that may be why middle school is my favorite age group to teach. I'm excited about all of the fun things that we'll be making this year including paper sculptures, drawing, painting, ceramics, fiber arts, 3D carving & street art.


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