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G/T Program Design

According to the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented Students, programming options must enable identified gifted and talented students to work together, work with other students, and work independently throughout the entire school year. Classroom teachers provide differentiated curriculum in the four core content areas:  language arts, science, social studies, and mathematics with an emphasis on depth, complexity, critical thinking, creative problem solving, research, and social-emotional development.


Lake Worth ISD provides a continuum of services for gifted and talented students designed to address their unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs by providing opportunities to:

  • Develop capacities to become self-directed learners who are confident in their abilities to conduct sophisticated research, and synthesize their findings to produce and present advanced products and/or performances for authentic audiences;
  • Enhance abstract reasoning and thinking skills through more complex creative and critical thinking activities as they reflect and refine their own thinking processes;
  • Participate in challenging learning experiences utilizing advanced-level concepts which are defensibly differentiated in depth, complexity and, pacing through modification of content, process, and/or product; and
  • Have opportunities to work independently, with groups of other gifted students, and with groups of non­-gifted peers throughout the day and the school year.