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G/T Furlough & Exit


A furlough is a temporary “leave of absence” from the gifted and talented program designed to meet the individual needs of a student due to extenuating circumstances that inhibit the student from effectively participating in the program.

  • Requests for furlough must be presented in writing to the campus administrator.
  • The G/T Committee will review the request and determine the appropriate length of time for the furlough.
  • Students are permitted to participate in the G/T  program at the end of the furlough period unless the committee determines that the educational needs of the student have changed, warranting exit from the program.


Student performance in the gifted and talented program will be monitored every nine weeks.  At any time a student’s best interests may not be met, and a furlough is considered ineffective, a student may be exited from the program.  

  • Requests for exit must be presented in writing to the campus administrator.
  • The GT Committee will meet with the parent/guardian to review the request.
  • Once a student is exited from the program, he/she will be subject to the identification process and must requalify based on current program requirements and educational needs.