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The payroll department is dedicated to processing accurate and timely payment for all staff while adhering to district guidelines, as well as federal and state regulations. We are a service-oriented department committed to assisting employees and administrative departments with the following: Paychecks [how your money is disbursed], Employee Access for Skyward, Extended Leave [FMLA, TDL, etc.], VOEs [Verification of Employment], Timekeeping, Extra duty, W-4s, and W-2s.

Payroll Forms and Guides

Payroll Calendars

2024-2025 Payroll Calendar (Semi Monthly)

2024-2025 Payroll Calendar (Monthly)

Work Calendar/Duty Days

Calendar Reporting Dates 2023-2024

Calendar Reporting Dates 2024-2025

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact: 

Shelley Miller, Benefits/Payroll Manager
817.306.4200 (ext. 1047)
817.238.1206 (fax) 

Dayna Talbot, Payroll Specialist
817.306.4200 (ext. 1048)
817.238.1206 (fax)