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Program Models

23-24 LWISD Bilingual and ESL Programs
TEA Instructional Models

Miller Language Academy and Effie Early Learning Academy

  • Dual Language Immersion Model One-Way
  • English As a Second Language Content Based
  • In addition, Pull-Out Services

Marine Creek Leadership Academy and Howry STEAM Academy

  • English As a Second Language: Content Based
  • In Addition, Pull Out Services

Collins Middle School and Lake Worth High School

  • English As a Second Language Pull Out
  • In Addition, Push In Instructional Support


In Lake Worth ISD Emergent Bilingual Students are learning content area knowledge while they acquire and develop English

• TAC 89.1201 (d) Bilingual education and ESL programs shall be integral parts of the total

school program. Such programs shall use instructional approaches designed to meet the

specific language needs of emergent bilingual students. The basic curriculum content of the

programs shall be based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and the English

language proficiency standards required by the state.