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Bullfrog Perk Guidelines

Bullfrog Perks


  1. Participating businesses must agree to offer free, discounted or extra services to ALL Lake Worth ISD employees.
  2. Apply to participate by completing the attached form and returning it to Jessica Gauthier, District Communications Coordinator.
  3. Lake Worth ISD will compile a list of businesses offering extra services and discounts and will publicize the list to all employees.
  4. All advertised services and discounts must be honored throughout the entire school year.
  5. Lake Worth ISD will contact all participants at the end of each school year to confirm continued participation. Those not responding will be removed from the Bullfrog Perks list.
  6. Businesses that wish to be removed from the list prior to the end of the school year must provide written notification.
  7. Lake Worth ISD reserves the right to not accept an offer or remove a participating business for non-compliance.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail Noah Ceballos.

Participating companies do so voluntarily and with no expectation of future District business. All District business will be conducted by state law and in accordance with Board policy. Lake Worth ISD does not endorse participating companies but merely publicizes the stated discount. All transactions are between the individual and the participating company. Lake Worth ISD has no part of the transaction and does not guarantee the services of the vendor. Employees are responsible for providing proof of employment and verifying the validity of the discounted price before purchase. The District has sole discretion to include or exclude any company or business.

Lake Worth ISD Bullfrog Perks Bussiness Application Form