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Fundraising, Donations, Gifts, and Projects Forms

  • Request to Collect Form     
    (Form to be completed by district clubs/organizations and support organizations prior to scheduling a fundraiser or soliciting donations of any kind: funds, merchandise, goods, services, etc. .)
  • Money Collection Cancellation Notice
     (Form to be completed by district clubs/organizations when an approved fundraising event has been cancelled.)
  • Donation Acknowledgment Form
     (Form to be completed by person/s donating funds or goods to Lake Worth ISD or one of the district's campuses.)
  • Student Project Proposal
     (Form to be completed by sponsors of district clubs/organizations prior to conducting projects involving students.)
  • Taxable Gift Award 
    (No description.)

Parent/Student Use Forms

  • Refund Request Form 
    (Form to be completed by parents/guardians to request a refund of payments made to the school district.)

Professional Development Forms

  • Training Reimbursement Authorization
    (Form to authorize payroll deduction for cost of high dollar training if employee leaves district prior to or during school year in which training was intended to be implemented.)

Purchasing and Shipping Forms

Vendor Related Forms

    Payroll and Duty Related Forms