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  • What is LEAP?

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    Learning Experiences for Advanced Potential (LEAP) provides specialized programming in order to meet the unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs of elementary gifted and talented students by designing opportunities for gifted students to work together and work independently during the instructional week under the guidance of a Gifted/Talented Specialist.

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  • What will students learn in LEAP?

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    The LEAP program curriculum units are designed with advanced content and research-based strategies that facilitate the growth of students as independent, self-directed learners, with the development of skills, concepts, and positive attitudes within the cognitive, emotional, and social domains.  The program also includes units from the Texas Performance Standards Project that connect to grade level standards.

    Each year, students will study topics of interest through the lens of an overarching theme and generalizations.  Students will explore gifted and talented strategies, leadership skills, digital competencies, self-efficacy traits, and social-emotional skills through four units of study.

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  • Will students attending LEAP have extra homework or make-up work?

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    A common worry of gifted students and their families is that students will have extra work. This creates a feeling that students are penalized for being gifted. The LEAP program provides extended learning opportunities for gifted students that encompasses grade level TEKS with appropriate depth, complexity, and pacing commensurate to students' abilities and needs.

    • Typically, gifted learners know more content prior to the introduction of the grade level curriculum and generally learn quicker than peers, requiring only 1-2 repetitions.  Therefore, gifted learners should receive differentiated instruction in the general education classroom based upon their needs.
    • Students should not be penalized for participating in GT services by receiving extra homework.
    • Teachers should check-in with GT students to ensure they understand the content missed while attending LEAP classes, but should not require students to make-up assignments from that time.
    • Every effort is made to create a schedule that best meets the needs of students. LEAP will not be scheduled during co-curr classes, lunch, or recess.
    • It is strongly recommended that all special (library, computer lab, guest speakers, etc) or perceived “fun” class events not be reserved for when the LEAP students are away and that testing be scheduled around the GT schedule when possible.
    • Teachers are asked to communicate regularly with the GT Specialist with questions, concerns, and important upcoming special events.
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  • How will I know how my student is doing in LEAP?

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    Students participating in the LEAP program will have the opportunity to set learning goals and self-reflect on their progress to identify strengths and areas for  growth.  The LEAP Evaluation Report will be shared with parents/guardians at the end of each 9-week reporting period.  

    The Gifted/Talented Specialist will share newsletters and will communicate with families on a regular basis.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to meet with the G/T Specialist at any time to discuss goals, progress, concerns, and questions.

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