• Attendance Information
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below is a list of our most frequently asked attendance questions. If you do not find a question you have answered below, please reach out to your campus Attendance Clerk and they will be happy to assist you.

  • How do I report my student’s absence?

  • Why is my child receiving an attendance letter?

  • I sent in a hand-written note for my student, why is his/her absence still unexcused?

  • What classifies as an excused absence?

  • Why is my student counted absent when I brought them to school after the official attendance time?

  • Why is a death in the immediate family considered an unexcused absence?

  • If my student attends every Saturday for recovery attendance, why am I still receiving a truancy letter?

  • If my child misses the bus will their absence be excused?

  • What happens after I have called in my student’s absence? Is that sufficient enough?

  • What happens if I forget to call my student’s absence in on the day of their absence?

  • How many Excused absences can my student have in one school year?

  • What if my student is absent, can I request for homework to be sent home for them to make up?

  • Will Tardies and Early dismissals count against my student?