• Spanish I

    In Spanish I we introduce the student to the Spanish language and culture. In this class we cover a wide range of vocabulary including the months, colors, emotions, numbers, the alphabet, and more. We also learn about nouns and verbs in Spanish and how to conjugate the different verbs using a verb chart. During class we work together on forming basic sentences and having conversations using simple phrases with each other. The textbook we use for this class is Avencemos.


    Pre-AP Spanish II

    Spanish II picks up where Spanish I left off. Being a Pre-AP class there is a higher level of performance expected from these students. On top of reviewing the material learned in Spanish I, we also cover direct and indirect object pronouns, reflexive verbs, irregular verbs, and more. We also take a closer look at different Spanish speaking cultures and form more complex sentences and phrases while practicing speaking to each other during class. The textbook we use for this class is Avencemos.