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  • Authorization to Travel
    This form must be completed, submitted, and approved prior to engaging in travel at district expense. Arrangements for travel such as registering for conferences, workshops, or events, making hotel or air reservations, and/or reserving district vehicles is the responsibility of the person(s) traveling or the designee on/within campuses/departments. (Check with your campus administrator or department head to determine who is responsible for arrangments for your campus/department.)


    Authorization Form for District Travel and Reimbursement SY1920


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  • Per Diem & Mileage Estimators for Overnight Travel

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  • Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Milage Reimbursement Rates
    Reimbursement rates for the use of your own vehicle while on official school business is $0.58 per mile effective January 01, 2019.
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  • Maximum Hotel Rates
    The State Travel Management Program from Windows on State Government maintains up to date information on travel as it relates to government /public entities in Texas. The links below can be used to find the maximum allowable nightly rate for hotels by city and to find hotels that have state-contracted rates. Note that the contracted rate may exceed the maximum allowable nightly rate for one person per room. Lake Worth ISD will pay actual hotel rates (plus applicable taxes, excluding Texas state sales tax) up to the maximum allowable nightly rate.
    Per Diem Rates Lookup allows the user to look up a location by city and state or by zip code. The results will display the maximum allowable nightly lodging by each month of the current state fiscal year. Amounts shown are per lodger. Two people sharing a room would have twice the rate shown.
    The Hotel Directory list, by city, hotels in Texas and other states that offer contracted rates for persons traveling on government/public entity business. Many hotels in Texas offer a limited number of rooms at the maximum nightly rate.
    If the above direct links fail, the same information can be accessed by navigating from the State Travel Management Program site.
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  • Calculating Mileage
    Use Google Maps to calculate mileage. Enter the address of your campus/department as the starting address and the address of the conference site as the destination. Add an additional destination and reenter your campus/department address to calculate round trip mileage.
    Print the directions, which will include the mileage calculation, and submit the print out with the Authorization for Travel and Reimbursement.
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  • Per Diem Meal Rates
    Following travel and submission of the completed travel authorization form, Lake Worth ISD will reimburse (by check) the actual cost of meals up to the maximum per diem rate in effect at the time of travel. The per diem rate is set by the Board of Trustees and is subject to change at any time by action of the Board. Note that there is a different rate for days designated "overnight" and days designated "non-overnight." Non-overnight days are the first and last day of travel when only the night following or the night before are spent away from home due to business travel. Overnight days are those days in the middle when both the night before and the night following are spent away from home due to business travel.
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