• Gifted and Talented

    Identification and Assessment
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Students in grades K-11 can be referred to the campus GT Specialist or GT Liaison throughout the school year. A teacher or administrator, parent, student, or community member may submit a referral or nomination for Gifted and Talented Services.

Students are assessed for eligibility of Gifted and Talented Services by the campus GATE coordinator. Both quantitative and qualitative measures are used to determine eligibility. Measure may include, but are not limited to, the following when applicable:

  • Teacher Observation Inventory
  • Parent Inventory
  • Teacher Inventory
  • Student Portfolio
  • Student Interview
  • Academic Aptitude
  • Achievement & Assessment Data
  • Grade Reports/Classroom Performance

The Gifted/Talented committee consists of at least three district educators. All committee members have been trained in nature and needs of gifted students. The Gifted/Talented Committee makes a professional judgment based on the recorded student profile data.


All students who have participated in gifted and talented programs prior to coming to Lake Worth ISD may be considered for the Gifted/Talented Program. Once screening records are received from the student’s previous district, the records will be examined for correspondence to Lake Worth ISD’s criteria. If the transfer data is insufficient, Lake Worth ISD will assess the student to see if placement in the program is in the student’s best interest. A decision will be made regarding qualification within 30 school days of the receipt of the student’s Gifted/Talented assessment results from the previous district.

Previous identification for Gifted and Talented Services does not guarantee identification for services in Lake Worth ISD.


Once the identification process is complete, parents or guardians are notified of the Gifted/Talented Committee’s decision within ten school days. Parents of all screened students may request a conference to examine their child’s assessment results. Requests should be made through the student’s home campus.

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  • Lake Worth ISD schedule for referral and administration of GT assessments:
    • Kindergarten:

      Fall Semester:

      • Referral Timeline - thru December 1, 2021

      Spring Semester:

      • Testing Timeline - January 18, 2021 thru February 17, 2022
        • Kindergarten students will begin getting served within LWISD March 1, 2022

      First – Eleventh Grade:

      Fall Semester:

      • Referral Timeline - thru December 1, 2021

      Spring Semester:

      • Testing Timeline – February 22, 2022 thru March 10, 2022 
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