• Geometry and maybe others Syllabus

    Coach Houghton



    Welcome to Geometry! The three requirements for this class are attendance,class work and class participation. This page provides you with general information to get you ready to study Geometry. 

    If needed I may be contacted through e-mail at: jhoughton@lwisd.org or from the main office at (817) 306 – 4230. Please allow 24 hours for a response.



    Attendance is very important! Everything you will need to be successful in my class will be given to you in class, so numerous absences will ultimately hinder your grade. Moreover, it is important that in the event of an absence you (the student) will get notes from a reliable friend or schedule tutoring time to get the notes from me. You are allowed one week to make up any missed assignments from the day you were absent. After that week you lose 10 pts automatically. For example, if you missed class on a Thursday, you have till the following Thursday to get the assignment in for possible full credit.


    Class Work

    Everything that you need to know for my class will be presented to you during the class so it is very important that you pay attention, participate and ask questions when the material is confusing. It is important that on any assignment all necessary work be shown in order to receive full credit. CHEATING will NOT be tolerated in this class!!! So make sure you can prove to me that you know how to do the work for yourself or you will be required to do it again.


    In order to be able to complete class work it is necessary that every student come prepared to class with a pencil and eraser along with something to write on (paper). I would recommend that each student have a binder with a separate divider for math that will contain all notes, quizzes, test and all class work needed to review for finals.



    Posted on the wall is a guideline for assessing the quality of your work. Here is where you will be able to assess before you turn in your work what grade you should expect to get.


    The percentages of your grades are as follows: Class Participation/Class Work (20%) + Homework (25%) + Assessments [test ] (30%) + Quizzes (25%) = 100%



    Class Participation

    Class participation is very important. Generally the more you participate the more you learn and understand the lesson that is being taught. I encourage you to ask question and get involved in every lesson. Taking notes is a vital part of learning any lesson because it allows you to go back and review at a later time. Therefore, I suggest that each student take good notes and briefly review them at home each night as a good study habit.



    Your honesty and integrity are extremely important in all of your classes. Please do not give me any reason to suspect any form of cheating on the work that you do in this course. While working with another person on class work is sometimes allowed, I consider copying all or part of an assignment to be cheating


    Along with this, giving or receiving information about or during a test or quiz would also be considered cheating. A person who allows a student to copy their work is as guilty of cheating as the person doing the copying. Consequences include a zero on the work, a phone call to your parents, a note to your assistant principal and a discussion with your counselor. Administrative consequences may also occur.


    Getting Help

    I encourage you to come in for help whenever you are having difficulty understanding any part of the material being discussed. It is your responsibility to seek help with any problems that you do not fully understand. I am available for help please schedule a time.




    Dress Code

    All skirts must reach at or below the knee. Pants must not be sagging.  There will be NO exceptions to this rule, so please be aware and come to class dressed appropriately.


    I am really looking forward to GREAT SUCCESS from each student this year! I know you all are capable of accomplishing anything!